God’s Leftovers
Grant Wamack
Bizarro Pulp Press
August 26, 2022
Reviewed by Brian “Skull” Lewis

Hello all you readers of horror and dark fiction, it’s your old pal Skull with some new dark fiction from Grant Wamack! Recently published by Bizarro Pulp Press, his novella God’s Leftovers is all killer and no filler, and I mean that in more ways than one. Just a quick note here for people concerned with triggers, this book is violent, gory, and contains some very graphic sex scenes. I know most of my readers are okay with that as long as it’s integral to the story, but for those who aren’t…you have been warned. Powerful images that stay in your head for a long time are on their way. All ready? Excellent! Then let’s all head for the desert.

What do a family of four, an extremely religious man, some funky hippies who live a strange life in desert, and a tough rapper and his videographer all have in common? They’re all visiting the Valley of Fire, a national park in the Nevada desert. The visitors all enter the park looking for something good. The family of four want to explore nature and see wildlife. Jerry the highly religious, uptight man is looking for peace. Big Redd and Scotty came to shoot a badass music video. The couple? Who really knows why they’re here. Probably to boink on the rocks and get video content for their vlog. But, instead of the goodness they seek, the visitors are found by the wiry man.

The desert is an ancient place full of magic and deadly threats. One might not regard the ragtag group of stoned looking hippies meditating for hours as any sort of threat, but the air vibrates with an electric hum that makes all things electronic die. As the power of The Collective continues to rise, the fates of the park’s visitors are revealed and the view ain’t too pretty. Help comes from an unlikely source, but will it be too late? The wiry man is not one to give in without a fight and to the winner goes the harvest. One person will finally find peace by riding into the flames on a pale horse, but who is it? Your old pal Skull gives God’s Leftovers a solid 5 out of 5 STARS and agrees with advance reviewers like Lucas Magnum that this spectacular splatterpunk blast is going to leave you wounded and bleeding. You’ll never look at a desert landscape in the same way again. Get it, but be warned, this ain’t no feel-good story. I dare you to step into the fire.

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Grant Wamack


Brian James Lewis is a disabled poet and writer with PTSD, who writes daily on vintage typewriters rescued from scrap piles, including one previously owned by Rod Serling. He’s also been a reviewer of dark poetry and speculative fiction since 2016. Most recently, Brian’s poem about mental illness “AGAIN” was published in JMWW and his short fiction piece about mass shooter Chance McCandless, “Following My Destiny” is in the Spring 2022 edition of Trajectory Journal. Check him out on Twitter@skullsnflames76 and visit his website www.damagedskullwriterandreviewer.com for news and reviews.

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