How To Know The Horror Collection You are Reading Is Heavy Duty

Double BH v2 w bb

See that white thing next to Double Barrel Horror volume 2? That, my friends, is a barf bag! You are now officially pre-warned about this book. There is also a “parental advisory” and another warning inside the book before you get to the good stuff. The contributing writers are not fooling around here! They intend to scare the hell out of you and make you use that bag. Pint Bottle Press has featured some really intense stuff in Double Barrel Horror Vol. 2 and I heartily encourage you to check them out! Review coming soon!

Trajectory Journal issue #15 is Available Now!

Trajectory 15

Good news everyone! The latest issue of Trajectory is ready for your enjoyment! I don’t know of any literary journal with quite the same mix as this one. Editor and award winning author, Chris Helvey, really puts his heart and soul into every issue of this great publication. Inside you’ll find cool poetry, intense fiction, and unique nonfiction. Plus photography that could well inspire your next piece of writing. You can order a copy by either going to or you can write to them at Trajectory, P.O. box 655, Frankfort, KY 40602-0655 and sending a check for $10 made out to Helvey Enterprises.

While I am not in this issue, I will be in issue #16 with my short fiction piece Shoes. Something to look forward to! I am also in the following:
Issue #10-Puppeteer-poem
Issue #11-Flood Land-poem
Issue #13-Garage Sense-also featured in the editors’s picks online
Issue #14-Keepers of the Night and Disconnected Two poems

For those submitting, Trajectory pays a contributor copy for your work and offers the chance for you to buy additional copies at a reduced rate. Good people who put out a great journal!

Where Nightmares Come From-Today is Release Day! This Book is a MONSTER!

Where Nightmares Come From cover shot

Where Nightmares Come From
Edited by Joe Mynhardt and Eugene Johnson
Crystal Lake Publishing
Official Release Date November, 17, 2017
Reviewed by Brian James Lewis

Wouldn’t it be great if all your heroes told you their secrets? Especially if you’re a writer, poet, artist, screenwriter, or creator of comics and graphic novels who wants to succeed in the Horror genre? Sure, there are books out by certain writers and they’re great. But they’re just ideas from a single author such as Stephen King or Ray Bradbury. No disrespect, but to buy a writing book from every single author you’ve ever enjoyed would cost a fortune. Most emerging writers are scraping by from paycheck to paycheck and aren’t dealing with huge amounts of free time. What we need is for someone to deliver lots of knowledge in a single volume that is priced within our means.

Good news! Crystal Lake Publishing has come out with just such a book! Where Nightmares Come From is full of carefully compiled pieces of knowledge. A quick glance through the table of contents reveals names like: Richard Chizmar, Joe Lansdale, Charlaine Harris, Jonathan Maberry, Clive Barker, and Stephen King. That is just a handful of the cool writers featured in Book I of Crystal Lake’s Dream Weaver series edited by Joe Mynhardt and Eugene Johnson. Crystal Lake’s mission extends past giving us great books to read, they also want to teach and support those of us trying to make it in the Horror genre with books like this, as well as mentorships and other great options.

But what if you’re not planning to be the next Joe Lansdale? Maybe you just really love Horror and its bedfellows. Thank you! This book is also for you too! It offers many peeks behind the curtain and into the minds of those you enjoy being scared by! What’s it like to collaborate with one of the world’s biggest names in Horror? Stephen King and Richard Chizmar talk about that in their interview with Bev Vincent. Clive Barker gives you the “A-Z of Horror” and Joe Lansdale asserts that it matters a lot who is telling the story, because Horror is about more than just getting scared. There are roundtables, interviews, and pieces written by the elite of Horror.

I couldn’t help but notice the excellent piece by Jess Landry-The Monster Squad-or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love The Publisher. She explains the benefits of working with smaller Indie presses and the good and bad things about being published, period. One thing she warns about is a very real threat and easy to step into. Vanity presses are out to take your money and your rights to your own damn story! Sure, they seem nice. But in truth, they are predators that feed on our dreams and screw us in ways that are no fun at all. No need to panic, just do your homework and choose carefully. Looking for upstanding publishers with good reputations? JournalStone and Trepidatio fit that bill! You can’t win if you don’t play, so submit your best stuff and know that editing is a necessary evil. Don’t fear the red pen or blue pencil!

Would I recommend this book? Hell yeah! If you love Horror you owe it to yourself to buy a copy of Where Nightmares Come From! Learning was never so much fun and entertaining! All the pieces in this book are tools you will use more than once. Fuel your passions and learn how to make your dreams come true. Our idols are real people who were just like us. Take this opportunity and learn from the best. The future is in your hands, reach out and grab a copy TODAY!

Field Guide To The End Of The World is Poetry at its BEST!

Field Guide To End of World cover shot

Field Guide to the End of the World
Jeannine Hall Gailey
Moon City Press
Sept. 1, 2016
Review by Brian James Lewis


With its excellent cover art and survivalist look, one might mistake Field Guide to the End of the World as an instruction manual for the day that horrible event comes to pass. In a way, they’d be right. Writing poetry helps us to cope with a lot of pretty awful stuff. It also celebrates life and living it. Jeannine Hall Gailey uses her poetry to do all of that and makes more than a few social comments along the way.

For those who truly wish to survive the apocalypse, you might want to be-bop on down to your local extreme survivalist store for necessities. Just don’t forget to pack this book to keep you from going insane in your underground bunker while waiting for the “all clear” signal! You will definitely enjoy Martha Stewart’s Guide to Apocalypse Living featuring the line “Now’s the time to get out your hurricane lamps! They create a lovely glow in these last days.” Also remember that, Zombie Stripper Clones: They Are Not Regenerating.

In the Cultural Anthropology section of her book, there is an interesting re-take on Dorothy, the wizard, and the Land of Oz. It makes her much more modern and flawed. There is also an Introduction to Teen Girl Vampires that pairs real issues with the super powers of the undead. Even when Gailey is using scientific terms, the humanity comes bursting through. This fine book of poetry never feels cold or loses the reader. Sometimes we might have to follow markings made on dead trees, but we’re included and encouraged to take a good hard look at ourselves along the way.

Jeannine Hall Gailey is a member of the HWA and the SFPA. She’s also been the poet laureate of Redmond, Washington, and is the author of four other books. Jeannine has been featured in The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror, Verse Daily, and on National Public Radio. Despite MS trying to ruin her life, this amazing poet pushes it back with the power of writing and the love of reading. You can follow her on Twitter and her website:

When I read this book, it felt like home. This is not silly, greeting card poetry. It is sturdy stuff that grabs your attention and pokes you in the face. The horror of trying to continue on when everything is broken and the sci-fi usage of electromagnetic and DNA is a great mix. I really enjoyed this book and definitely encourage all of you to buy a copy if possible. Field Guide to the End of the World is a great read that you can sip a few poems from daily and let them roll around in your mind like fine wine. It’s also a nice bridge to our darker world for people that are unsure. All the elements we like are in there, Jeannine Hall Gailey just takes them uptown.

Wishing All A Happy Day of the Dead

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I planned on posting this earlier, but had a few WiFi issues, so here I am on the last day of celebrating those who have gone before us. I used the time to think of my grandparents, who pretty much raised me and gave me a good set of values. We may not have been financially rich, but a lot of things are more important than money. Treating all people fairly, doing your best, kindness is never wasted, and that a used car is just as good as a new one for a whole lot less money! I also learned how to fix cars and trucks from my grandfather. I know that they’re proud to know that I went on to become a writer! Interestingly enough, they both passed on different years, but right around this time, which is kind of cool. Thanks for following, more reviews up soon!