Welcome to my blog! My name is Brian-James and I am a published writer and poet. I also review books, graphic novels, poetry and music across many genres. Even though I lean towards horror, I also enjoy science-fiction, steampunk, and weird fiction. Currently the bulk of my reviewing is done for the Journal Stone Publishing sites. I most often appear on their Hellnotes page. But I am available to produce informative, no bullshit reviews for people who are self publishing or companies looking for more exposure. While I will review some electronic publications, I much prefer to have a physical copy to work with. This also makes sure that your review gets done faster! Besides writing and reviewing, I also repair old typewriters and have a small collection of favorites including a Royal KMM that previously belonged to Rod Serling when he lived in Binghamton, NY.

My idea of some good poetry is something where someone gets their head sliced off by a gravel truck. Which does not mean that I don’t appreciate sensitive poetry as well, but don’t send me ultra-flowery verse and expect me to enjoy it. Ditto on stories. Too much hem and haw equals ashcan. I am not offended by profanity, urban scenarios including fights and drugs, or sexuality. However, they need to fit into the story line and have meaningful value. Pages and pages of graphic abuse of people and/or animals are better for you to hold onto for your own amusement. I won’t be able to write a positive review and we’ll both be wasting our time.

Most recent publication credits for me are my poem, “Garage Sense” featured in Trajectory Journal issue #13, and my poem, “Drug House” was just accepted by Third Wednesday for their Spring 2017 issue. Good writing to you all!