HALLOWEEN NEVER LEAVES OUR HEARTS-A Love Poem to Our Favorite Time of Year!


A love poem by Brian James Lewis

As November starts
Some may say that it’s gotten its due
But Halloween never leaves our hearts
the whole year through!

That monster sitting on my porch?
It will stay there for Christmas
even if the lights scorch
the fabric of its tattered jacket

See those skulls perched
high above my door?
Rest assured that they’ll
nest up there for “evermore!”

Halloween stirs in the blood
of every writer, artist, and thespian
No one creative is spared
the pull of a force so antiquarian

But, just because it’s ancient
don’t mistake that for weak
The power still is growing
and it will never peak

So scream it loud, with feeling
“Halloween Never Dies!”
What candy? Hey, I wasn’t stealing!
Just ask the scarecrow-It never lies


Big Damaged Skull