Hey speculative fiction fans, it’s your old pal Skull with a truly exciting tip for lovers of all things Lansdale. Today on Twitter, Keith Lansdale tweeted that he has some copies of this novel for sale at a great price that includes shipping. Just 30 Bucks! And here’s the best part: both he and Joe R. Lansdale will sign them. Zowie! You can also have your copy personalized if you’d like. All for a measly 30 clams! Holy hotdogs Batman, break out the mustard and sequined red party dress, it’s BIG LIZARD time!

I reviewed this fine collaboration a little while back and let me tell you, it’s a super charged, deep-fried, laugh your ass off, rollercoaster ride from beginning to end. There’s also that special Lansdale wisdom and care for folks dealing with hard times, and possibly a wink of political satire. Memorable characters achieving the impossible in a great story. I could keep on talking about BIG LIZARD by Keith Lansdale and Joe R. Lansdale, but a better choice would be for you to get in touch with Keith via Twitter @KeithLansdale for more info real pronto-like before all the copies he has for sale are G-O-N-E. Oh and tell him that your old pal Skull sent ya.

Happy Publication Day!

An intense new read from GRINDHOUSE PRESS!

Grindhouse Press

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From the author of international horror sensation Gone to See the River Man comes a new tale of terror that will drag you to the darkest corners of the soul.

Some girls are fearful, others are brave. One girl’s a princess, the next one, a slave. But all girls are equal, when they’re down in this cave, until just one is left standing—The Prettiest Girl in the Grave.

It’s only supposed to be a game.

When Bella, Celeste, and Rose meet with new friends at a graveyard in the woods, they soon realize they’re unprepared for what’s planned. At twenty-four, Aubrey is older than the high schoolers, and she knows of a secret game that’s been played by local girls for decades.

It starts with personal questions, but quickly moves on to a test of courage as Aubrey guides…

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