GOOD NEWS! My Poem “Wrenching On Dreams” Has Been Published In Issue 20 of TRAJECTORY JOURNAL!


I felt it was only right to put this issue of Trajectory in my toolbox because it celebrates the joys of turning wrenches on your own car or truck with your best friend. My best friend was a four-legged guy named Jake who I lost earlier this year to old age and bad joints. I learned a lot from that rescue Pitbull, even though he wasn’t my first and I really hope he wasn’t my last. Even though Jake had been treated very badly by people in his early life, he went on to a help a whole lot of them. He was a challenging garage companion at times, but some things just go together. Know what I mean? I hope a few heads are nodding out there!

Jake will live on forever in this poem. However, the fate of Trajectory is very much up in the air. Sadly, it might be curtains after ten great years with editor-in-chief Christopher J. Helvey at the helm. If it is, being included in multiple issues of this fully independent literary and art magazine has been an honor! One really important lesson from all this, is that we as writers need to support the publications we write for. A lot of you already do a great job at this, but for the holdouts-Please consider buying a couple copies of the mag that chose YOU over hundreds, sometimes thousands of  other possible contributors. No funds? Donate a couple minutes promoting them on social media. A little positive energy can do lots!


If you’d like to help the folks at Trajectory go to to order a copy of issue #20. Thanks




With the days growing so warm, there are times when I actually emerge from the Skullcave and absorb some heat from my porch. Not sun! Goodness no! That would most likely be the end of your pal, Damaged Skull Writer. Like the bats that circle my home on hot summer nights, I am a creature of darkness.

Unlike bats, I enjoy reading speculative fiction and my latest favorite is SEEING THINGS by Sonora Taylor. So far, I’m about halfway through this tale about a teenager who can see things that no one else can. Hmm…Could be a handy skill or a whole lot of trouble…Want to find out more? Then keep your eyes on this page for a review coming soon from DAMAGED SKULL WRITER!


Little Paranoias cover shot

Want to read something from Sonora Taylor before her new novel comes out? I highly encourage you to try this excellent collection of short horror fiction, poetry, and flash LITTLE PARANOIAS


Buried With The Night cover shot

Syon Das
May 20, 2020
Review by Brian James Lewis

Welcome to the Skullcave! Once again, it’s time to share the lowdown on a new release from the independent horror world. Syon Das has a new collection of short horror stories and a novelette out titled Buried With The Night. Sounds frightening, right? Well it is! So disturbing in fact, that Das provides the following warning to readers:

WARNING: This book contains descriptions of violence that some may find disturbing. Explicit language is used frequently. Reader discretion is advised.

In basic terms, this means that if you enjoy the work of Clive Barker, Karen Runge, and Morgan K. Tanner Buried With The Night will be an enjoyable read for you. If those authors frighten you in a bad way, then hustle back to your cozy mystery series that feature people baking cookies, knitting, and saying things like “Oh dear!” Not a slam on those books, but I want to be clear that you’ll be seeing a lot of blood, broken bones, and intestines. Got it? Like it? Excellent! Then follow me into Syon Das’ terror inducing world and make sure to wear safety glasses and a mask. There’s gonna be a lot of blood spatter!

Curtis is the novelette of the collection. We are sitting on a psychologist’s shoulder. He deals with troubled teenagers and most of what he does is pretty ho-hum stuff. But then there are a few “special” patients. This is about a young man named Curtis who is a truly disturbed individual. While the psychologist knows his patient is a very dangerous person who should be committed to an inpatient facility, he lives vicariously through the teen. While the doctor enjoys the release from his tight-assed, highly controlled life, things are happening in the background. Curtis wants to show the doc his neat new school project, and it sure as hell isn’t a birdhouse. Will the doctor enjoy his work or run away screaming?

Hot on the heels of that disturbing tale is Higher Learning. Things start off pretty messily when a college student offs himself but then quiet down per orders of the university. Since Josea was a big deal athlete, popular, and smart, many people mourn his death. He was clever, so they don’t what a total shitbird he was. Enter one of Josea’s high school bullying victims and the college custodian’s son who both have grudges. They have an underhanded business plan which seems foolproof. But it is ghost proof? All I can say is “What a ride, huh bud?”

Family can be a problem, right? Especially if they come calling after midnight on Halloween like Duncan and Daniel’s Aunt Katie does. She whirls in full of strange vibes and bad news. It seems that boys’ mother had an accident. But Aunt Katie is more concerned with looking sexy than she is about the boys’ questions. That’s all very unnerving, but what happens next will have you squirming in your seat. There’s nowhere to run…

This collection wraps with the chilling tale Darjeeling that I guarantee will give you the shivers. Because even when the words on the page stop, the story doesn’t really end. In fact, it looks like the beginning of evil adventures for a creature summoned by using a book of black magic. When a mansion in West Bengal is abandoned after family tragedy, the only person who stays on is the housekeeper. Things stay relatively stable until the housekeeper’s brother brings his scout troop to the mansion for a sleepover. The tragic mystery and a forbidden door are irresistible to the boys. They have to know what’s behind it! But the satisfaction of knowing is not without repercussions. Don’t read this one at lunchtime!

Buried With The Night is an impressive debut from Syon Das that earns FIVE STARS from Damaged Skull Writer. There’s lots of detail to put you smack dab on the end of a K-Bar hunting knife, in a dark college dorm room , or hidden in the trunk of a car. Das delivers the goods with a side of contemporary wit and some cool ethnic charm. I HIGHLY recommend this collection as the starter of your summer reading or the continuance of your quarantine entertainment. Whatever you do, don’t miss Buried With The Night stories by Syon Das. It’ll make you scream!

Thanks again for visiting Damaged Skull Writer to check out the latest and greatest new indie writer from NYC SYON DAS! Besides scaring the hell out of people, Syon also teaches folks how to play the guitar. That’s his sensitive side. Want to know more about this guy? Maybe order a signed copy of his work? You can hit Syon up on Twitter@syon_das or(serious inquiries only please) Email him at: