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The novel, “HELL HOUSE,” by Richard Matheson is a book that will blow you out of your own house! Don’t always watch the movies. Read the damn books so you can REALLY get it! Simple, clean, scary…Yes!

Outside of the big publishing houses try some Weird Fiction from Bizarro Pulp Press!
M P Johnson’s work is a good place to start!

Reviews on Journal Stone’s sites coming soon!

The Love Of Skulls

Many people find skulls to be frightening, grotesque, a thing to be feared and avoided at all costs. I have been approached by those who feel offended by skulls on my clothing. I have been told they are…Inappropriate.

All right then, here’s something to ponder…

Underneath all of our clothing, be it fancy or expensive.
Under that skin that many adorn with cosmetics, spray tans, tattoos, carefully cut designs. That skin which seems to cause so many so much concern as to what color it is…lies bone. Plain and simple bone.

So deep down, we really are all the same in the best of ways. Same blueprint different decorations perhaps. Maybe that’s what scares so many people about skulls.

That’s one reason why I love them


Joyce Carol Oates is Amazing

Pre-order this new nonfiction title out on May 3rd from writer Joyce Carol Oates (Kindle, too, at Amazon). If you haven’t read Oates, she is the woman of letters of our time; and reading her should be required. She is among the world’s most prolific writers exploring intense themes on love and violence and relationships […]

via Joyce Carol Oates: Soul at the White Heat—A New Book on the Writing Life… — The Sanguine Woods: Where the Heart Can Bleed More Freely…