Pleased To Announce That My Short Story “Rest Stop” Will Be Appearing In The HellBound Books Anthology “The Toilet Zone!

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Is This Cool, or what? After years of reviewing many of their great titles, I am so excited to be a member of the HellBound Books family! This collection is a spoof on Rod Serling’s “The Twilight Zone” in the best of ways. I like a publisher that enjoys a good chuckle along with their horror! The stories contained in The Toilet Zone are just the right length for you to enjoy a good read while “taking care of business” from the best seat in the house. This collection is going to “dump” a ton of cool stories by awesome writers right into your naked lap. Coming to your zone, SOON! For more info about HellBound Books and how to pre-order The Toilet Zone head on over to and sign up for their newsletter to be in the loop and get some cool free stuff! Tell them that Damaged Skull Writer sent you!

Are You Ready For Brutality? Morgan Tanner Brings It With His New Short Horror Collection “THE MIND’S PLAGUE” Available August 22!

The Mind's Plague cover shot

THE MIND’S PLAGUE & Other bites of brutality
Morgan K. Tanner
August 22, 2019
Reviewed by Brian James Lewis

A few months ago, Morgan K. Tanner released his debut novel An Army Of Skin on the unsuspecting public and kicked some serious ass! Now he’s back with some bite-sized doses of brutality that masquerade as short stories. But, don’t be fooled! Any one of these ten tales of terror is powerful enough to take your head clean off, leaving an empty hole behind. You have been warned and encouraged by yours truly to check out The Mind’s Plague! Just make sure to be prepared for intensity. Ready? Then read on.

Roaring out of the gate, the title story may result in the following: You, sitting in the middle of your living room, with all the lights on and your laptop smashed into bloody pieces. Why? The Mind’s Plague, which unfortunately is discovered by some teenage boys with extra time on their hands. All they really wanted was some entertainment. What they got was something entirely different. Wear a helmet, Kevlar vest, and some sturdy boots. This one is a KILLER!

Since Morgan Tanner is also a drummer Conflagration Desecration has got to be a tale that’s close to his heart! Steve’s a drummer who’s feeling down about being bandless. Then he reads an ad for what appears to be the perfect gig. But lots of things that appear perfect from afar, aren’t always what they seem. Steve digs the sound of his new band, but what’s up with the outfits and strange behavior? If that wasn’t weird enough, the first show is a mind blower! All I can say is, you will want to read this fiery fable for yourself!

Do you suffer from Reluctant Bloodlust? No worries, man. We all do sometimes. Luckily, there’s a cure! All you gotta do is call the number at the top of your screen and our trained pharmacologists will send a free order of Blue Hardness right to your door! Just call…Oh, whoops! Wrong product write-up! Although this story does take a searing look at another serious lifestyle issue that may be sweeping through your town, so pay attention! Everybody has to eat and no one wants to be alone, right? That’s what Ugh (not his real name, because he can’t remember it) thinks. Just because you’re a member of the undead, that doesn’t excuse you from family duties! With some help from your pack…err, friends, you can take your women on the road. Happy travels!

If you need further proof that Morgan K. Tanner likes writing crazy, twisted stories, then be sure to check out For David, which drops us into the living room of David Brannigan’s “number one fan.” Eek! She continually checks David’s Facebook, visits the same stores he goes to, and even eats the same food. She makes sure to keep the fires burning for David, who seems to be out of the limelight just now. To the naysayers she rages, until her energy starts to fade. Strange things begin happening and our superfan begins to unravel, revealing the reasons for her dedication. I’d love to tell you more, but she’s got a knife. RUN! Run for your lives past what’s in those shoeboxes and the dried up vomit. Because when the truth is revealed, something horrible is going to happen.

FIVE STARS and a spot on the “Wall of Fame” for Morgan K. Tanner’s excellent short horror collection The Mind’s Plague & other bites of brutality! With a release date of August 22, this great book will be available soon, so get ready! A tip of the hat to M.R. Tapia for the creep-o-vision cover of a vastly distressed world with a plague carrier peering from the TV screen. Oh no! The static is filling my head…I need a weapon! Don’t try to outrun me because there’s no escaping my swing! ARRRGGGHHH!

Be sure to check out Morgan K. Tanner on his website or see what brutal mayhem he’s up to on Twitter@morgantanner666 Should you want to prep yourself for what’s to come, consider grabbing a copy of his novel An Army of Skin, available now from and your favorite bookseller.