Hello scary people, it’s your old pal Skull saying Happy Easter and apologizing for my mortal host who frankly, hasn’t done shit on here since February…

BJL: Hey!

SKULL: The truth hurts, doesn’t it, sugar pants?

BJL: Sugar pants? What the…

SKULL: Well all you’re doing is standing there eating Easter candy. Not real productive.

BJL: Skull I’ve been super busy. There’s been the hoarded trailer,..

SKULL: Is that anything like The Haunted Mansion? Because that would be fun.

BJL: No and it sure hasn’t been fun!

SKULL: Whatever you say sugar pants.

BJL: Damn it, Skull! Have a heart…

SKULL: Well now that’s just impossible, seeing as how I’m just bones

Anyway folks, enough of this witty banter. I’m going to grab a pitchfork and see if we can’t get some actual posts from Brian J. In the meantime, enjoy your overly sweet Easter candy and humongous breakfast buffets. We’ll see you soon on DAMAGED SKULL WRITER AND REVIEWER!