GOOD NEWS! My Poem “Wrenching On Dreams” Has Been Published In Issue 20 of TRAJECTORY JOURNAL!


I felt it was only right to put this issue of Trajectory in my toolbox because it celebrates the joys of turning wrenches on your own car or truck with your best friend. My best friend was a four-legged guy named Jake who I lost earlier this year to old age and bad joints. I learned a lot from that rescue Pitbull, even though he wasn’t my first and I really hope he wasn’t my last. Even though Jake had been treated very badly by people in his early life, he went on to a help a whole lot of them. He was a challenging garage companion at times, but some things just go together. Know what I mean? I hope a few heads are nodding out there!

Jake will live on forever in this poem. However, the fate of Trajectory is very much up in the air. Sadly, it might be curtains after ten great years with editor-in-chief Christopher J. Helvey at the helm. If it is, being included in multiple issues of this fully independent literary and art magazine has been an honor! One really important lesson from all this, is that we as writers need to support the publications we write for. A lot of you already do a great job at this, but for the holdouts-Please consider buying a couple copies of the mag that chose YOU over hundreds, sometimes thousands of  other possible contributors. No funds? Donate a couple minutes promoting them on social media. A little positive energy can do lots!


If you’d like to help the folks at Trajectory go to to order a copy of issue #20. Thanks


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