Poetry: Again by Brian James Lewis

Glad that JMWW published my poem about mental illness! This goes out to everyone dealing with lifelong issues and also their partners and caregivers. #MentalHealthAwareness


It’s happening again
The thing I said I was done with
But anger fuels and rage overpowers
Every single good wish in the universe

Like a California wildfire
Taking down acres of trees
Flames radiating heat and smoke
Firetrucks driving through hell

Look out! You better save yourself
Because I’m on fire with anger
Rage boiling over the pot sides
Like tomato soup left alone

Stinking, smoking, ruining
Everything in my path
You try to hold up your hand
But I can’t stop this volcano

People like to throw words
Like PTSD around to be cool
Pop culture is so damn lame

Like a slap in the dick
Poke in the eye with a stick
Truth is they don’t know shit
About pain, fear, and that rage…

That arrives breathing flames
An out of control freight train
Hot steel screaming off the rails
Smashing the flimsy…

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