Bat Hearse
Bat Hearse Records
Reviewed by Brian “Skull” Lewis

Hello horror fiends, it’s your old pal Skull with some cool news about a great band that you’ll want to be feasting your eye and earballs on real pronto-like! Most often, Damaged Skull Writer and Reviewer focuses on the written word and graphic novels, but today I’m going to be reviewing Bat Hearse’s debut album, CRYPT LOAD. Y’all ready? Then, to quote lead singer and stuntman Rick Ruiner, “All right all you bastards! Grab yourself a handful of steering wheel and let’s go!”

Coming at you straight out of Detroit, Michigan, Bat Hearse arrives in their namesake vehicle: a vintage Cadillac hearse that’s been customized into a mashup of the Batmobile and a rocket-powered ice wagon. This midnight beauty was built by none other than Rick Ruiner, who also handles lead vocals and some cool performance stunts involving fire! He’s got his foot to the floor, making the engine roar, and that big block of Detroit iron under the hood can smoke a set of tires faster than you can say “Beat It Creep!”

This is a band that creates real rock n roll and has fun doing it. For those unfamiliar with Bat Hearse, think of what might happen if The Cramps jammed with a surf music loving Detroit garage rock band. Real, raucous, with revving motors, and a sense of humor to boot! So while pop bands are busy auto-tuning, dubbing, and basically faking their way into teenagers’ ears. Bat Hearse’s Jungle Josh is wrestling riffs out of his guitar, while bass player Nate Knox keeps the grove and drummer Ajax rocks the beat. Oh, and let’s not forget the singing and dancing of goth lovely Nina Friday, who brings a lot of pizazz to the band. Nina is much more than just a pretty face. She’s also an artist and costume designer who also handles the band’s merchandise. Want a cool CD, stickers, buttons, patches, Bat Hearse poster or T-shirt? Then get in touch with her on Facebook at Nina Friday Art or click on the link at the end of this review.

There are eleven great tunes to enjoy on this CD but a few really grabbed my attention. “Go Little Bastard” and “The Day I became James Dean” both reference the iconic James Dean who was gone way too soon.  “Little Bastard” was the name of the Porsche that he died in, costing us a true American original. Hey classic horror fans, Bat Hearse is ready to show you how to “Do the Bela!” As in Bela Lugosi, the face many people see when they think of Count Dracula. They’re also getting a “Coffin For Christmas.” Because they’re “not looking for a stocking stuffer, baby.” Uh-uh! They want they want the whole enchilada or nothin’. And what would a garage rock album be without an homage to the king of cool? So, Bat Hearse gives us a “Bronze Fonz” Ayyyy!   

In case it’s not clear, your old pal Skull digs Bat Hearse like a miner after gold. Damaged Skull Writer and Reviewer gives BAT HEARSE’S CRYPT LOAD FIVE STARS out of five. These tunes are great and check out the pictures. Bat Hearse also has the look. Coolness to spare, baby! As the temperature drops and we get what seems like about two hours of daylight, don’t hibernate. Instead, get something really great, and dance away those blues! Yeah, baby. Or use this fun CD as the soundtrack for your next writing or reading session. To get in touch or place an order go to: www.facebook.com/BATHEARSEDETROIT Want more visuals? Then check out Bat Hearse on YouTube for some mega cool videos. As always, thanks for visiting Damaged Skull Writer and Reviewer. See you soon!

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