EAT THE RICH from Renee Miller and Hindered Souls Press is Available NOW!

Eat the Rich covershot

Eat The Rich
Renee Miller
Hindered Souls Press
July 13, 2018
reviewed by Brian James Lewis

Hey, it’s time for another cool release from Hindered Souls Press! With each new title, this independent publisher keeps improving and growing an impressive roster of artists. Friends, this is what it’s all about! Real people making dreams come true. Renee Miller steps up to the plate (har!) with her latest and greatest EAT THE RICH! The favorite item on the menu? Humans! No wonder Ben Franklin looks so worried on the inside of the cover. For anyone concerned that they might be reading another Zombie tale…Relax! You’re not even close. Miller is a writer who enjoys driving us off the beaten path, and we’re glad that she did. Let’s dig this freaky fine folio!

Things start off in a disarmingly funny way. A couple of dudes walking down the street in blue bathrobes ask a tough detective for a little help. The result? Both parties end up getting more than they bargained for. An unhappy insurance claims adjuster named Ed wants to get away from the rat race and chill. The homeless population of the city just wants a sandwich. Then there are the city’s rich who want every single luxury and to treat everyone like toilet scum. By using a well done POV style Eat The Rich keeps us informed of what the characters are feeling and doing as the apocalyptic events unfold. Seamless!

Unlike the average struggling writer, who usually calculates their net worth in the highly valuable currency of Pop Tarts and coffee, Ed is a dude with a lot to walk away from. He has it all: house in rich neighborhood, nice car, and a nagging wife. But his heart isn’t happy and he is super stressed. So one day he just walks away and joins the homeless. Simple, right? Not even a little bit. Within 24 hours, the city’s homeless population goes from being a small group of panhandlers, alcoholics, and mentally ill folk, to a big force to be reckoned with. WTF?

So instead of enjoying a fairly quiet cessation of his previous duties, Ed finds himself in the middle of a major shit storm. The grass always looker greener on the other side, but not this time! If Ed had stayed where he was, not only would he be stuck with his cranky wife, but he’d likely be alien chow. Wait, what? These new homeless folks are actually aliens that eat rich people. Crazy, huh? Just imagine what the cops think when poor Ed attempts to save others by sharing this information with them. Not a good plan!

The aliens claim that they’re terrorizing humans in order to create a Utopian society. Maybe that’s true, but the way they go about it is far, far away from ideal. Once they get cooking, things escalate in a quick and ugly fashion. Those who refuse to follow the new plan are dealt with severely. Forced equality? What could go wrong with that? How about, I don’t know…Plenty? I could tell you more, but it will be so much better to read Renee Miller’s words instead of mine. She will amaze you with how she keeps everything rolling at a steady pace. No loose ends. All killer and no filler.

Eat The Rich is an awesome reading experience and rates 5 STARS with this reviewer! There is so much to like here that I am predicting you will feel the same when reading this cool book. Miller is an amazingly prolific writer who crafts stories that say a lot without being cluttered. She interweaves her horror with important stuff, such as how we earthlings see each other and muck up our own lives. Once again showing that Horror is not just blood and screams. Hindered Souls Press is growing and getting better with every book. They have  consistently provided readers with full spectrum horror that is not afraid to tackle difficult topics such as social media overload. The Die-Fi Experiment  is an excellent example of this. Be sure to check out all their available titles at and learn more about Renee Miller at

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