DRAGONWATCH II WRATH OF THE DRAGON KING from Brandon Mull and Shadow Mountain Comes Out October 23! Made for younger readers, but powerful enough for adults. Taking Pre-Orders Now!

Dragonwatch 2 covershot

Dragonwatch Book 2-Wrath of The Dragon King
Brandon Mull
Shadow Mountain Publishing
October 23, 2018
reviewed by Brian James Lewis

This month, in just a few weeks, Shadow Mountain Publishing is going to be releasing the second book in the Dragonwatch saga by New York Times bestselling author, Brandon Mull, who is also the dynamo behind the Fablehaven series and the Beyonders. This reviewer is new to the author, but you can’t miss his energy and the ability to provide intricate details in a way that will entertain readers of all ages. Remember how parents were so happy when Harry Potter came into existence? Why was that? Well a big reason was that suddenly, children who never read anything, were tackling thick books full of big words and loving it. Not only that, but the stories were powerful and captivating. Good triumphed over evil and showed that it isn’t wise to judge folks or books by their covers.

Dragonwatch is the sequel and continuance of the Fablehaven series of books written by Brandon Mull. In these stories, Kendra and Seth are the new caretakers of the Wyrmroost sanctuary of magical creatures. One might think that inheriting these positions from their grandparents would make for an easy transition, but this is no gravy job. There is a lot to learn, new creatures to meet and then there’s this whole thing about a dragon war. Celebrant, the current king of all the dragons within the preserve of Wyrmroost, has decided to take over the land. To do that, he’ll have to destroy all his opposition, including Kendra and Seth. But he better be ready for a fight! With their crew of allies and their own magical powers, these young caretakers are not going to just cut and run.

While this is very different territory for someone who spends a lot of time reviewing speculative fiction and dark poetry, I found myself getting caught up in the excitement and feeling concerned when we left the good guys in a tenuous state. Instead of safely flying home, they are forced to take a road that is hiding myriad threats that they’re not prepared for. What will happen next? The only way to find out is to pre-order your copy of Dragonwatch Book 2 Wrath of the Dragon King today! These books may be aimed at younger readers, but much like the Harry Potter books I can see adults really digging this. If you like Tolkien, and his Middle Earth, you are very likely to enjoy the Dragonwatch series! FIVE STARS.

Author, Brandon Mull tours schools around the country promoting literacy and sharing his message that “imagination can take you places.” Books are journeys we can take to other lands without ever leaving our hometown. As we head towards the holidays, his books will make great gifts. Especially for the growing number of families who are backing off on Halloween candy to save young teeth. Inspiring children to read is super important. It’s like handing them the keys to the brain gym. Plus, when they’re sleeping, you can sneak in a little reading of Dragonwatch 2. Brandon Mull’s books are available from Amazon.com, where you can also follow him. You can also keep up with the author at BrandonMull.com. Tell him you read about his latest on Damaged Skull Writer, then get ready for some quality reading time!

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