Piece By Piece
Daemon Manx
Last Waltz Publishing
February 14, 2022
Reviewed by: Brian “Skull” Lewis

Hello dear readers, it’s your old pal Skull! Today’s featured author is the one and only Daemon Manx. In 2021, he wowed us with Abigail, a great speculative novella about raising a unique child, coming to grips with one’s identity, and the healing of power of love. Not only did the surprise ending touch many readers deeply, but the story shone positive light on the LGTBQ community. It puts you in the shoes of a gay man who’s looking for real love after a difficult early life of discrimination. The author makes us feel the pain, fear, and longing for a solid partner in a very relatable way. If you haven’t yet read Abigail, I heartily encourage you to do so! And now in 2022, we have a new novella to enjoy from the man who writes with his heart. Piece By Piece, is even more gripping than its predecessor and delivers a huge emotional payoff to readers at its conclusion. It begins by totally mystifying readers, then slowly revealing small clues to the mystery as the story unfolds. Check it out.

Bobby Canfield is zooming along on his too cool for school Mongoose BMX bike and enjoying the summer of 1988 when three sisters in their pajamas encourage him to join them for a Ouija reading. Initially he resists but ends up sitting with them It doesn’t take him long to regret his choice though. A spirit named “Mac” informs Bobby that he will die an early death, gives him the exact date even. Not only that, but he’s supposed to save some people before he eats a dirt sandwich. Whoa…this is big stuff to put on an 11year old’s plate!

Manx then makes us a fly on the wall for important moments in Bobby’s life, dropping subtle clues along the way. For the most part, Bobby Canfield has a pretty sweet life, but as the years roll by, he realizes that time is growing short. Who is he supposed to save? He’s got to find out soon or risk leaving without fulfilling his destiny! Mac, the spirit of the girls’ grandfather steers the ship now and then, but Bobby’s still not exactly sure until the night of the fire. The word Now appears on the Ouija board and Bobby rockets into action. Daemon Manx writes a mighty gripping fire scene that you’re going to want to read for yourself. Nor am I going to reveal the way the story wraps up at the end. Oh, and it’ll be up to you to decide if this conclusion is an end or possibly…something else.

Damaged Skull Writer & Reviewer gives Piece by Piece a hearty 5 STAR RATING! Get this book from your favorite bookseller now, then get ready for a most excellent ride. Fans of Richard Matheson’s work will find a lot to enjoy here. If you’ve ever doubted the power of a properly connected Ouija board, the existence of spirits, and the whole Time-Space Continuum, wonder no more! This great novella from Daemon Manx and Last Waltz Publishing should set you straight. But don’t leave the party yet, horror fans. There’s a bonus story included in this fine publication. The Widower is a whole different kettle of spiders that will chill you to the bone. This is the “Holy Crap” story and the one you won’t want to go to sleep after reading because there might be something big and hairy coming up from the basement to touch your skin. Why? Because it loves you. Thanks for visiting the Skullcave again. It’s been a pleasure having you here, but now you must leave because I’m getting very…hungry. For more information about Daemon Manx and Last Waltz Publishing dig the following links below:
Daemon Manx/Facebook
As always, I’m your old pal, Skull and I look forward to seeing you again very soon…

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