3 Points of View in True Crime Documentaries: Criminal, Victim, Detective

Powerful words from Jenny A Maloney that bring you images and feelings perhaps even better than the lengthy documentary could. Is there ever a definitive answer to the question of why?

Other Worlds, and This

Photo by Faruk Tokluou011flu on Pexels.com

The criminal, serial killer Danny Rolling, is introduced as a child. Here are his parents—see how poorly they handled him. See how his father disciplined him. See how his father, so strict, a cop, had him arrested. See how his father told him he was never wanted. One morning a boy wakes up and shoots his father in the face.

Is it a wonder he shot his father? the narrator asks. Is it a wonder he peeped on women, robbed grocery stores, murdered three people in Shreveport, Louisiana, before heading to Gainesville, Florida, where he raped and murdered four more women and killed a man? Old news feeds provide a taste of the fear he inspired—footage of students vacating the university, shots of helpless police officers, interviews of frightened citizens. Then reels covering his capture, trial, and his execution. And it feels…

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