Published in March of 2021, LITTLE DEMON DIGEST VOLUME 2 contains many great pieces of speculative fiction, but only mine was listed as “a bathroom misadventure” It sure is one, too! When “Binghamton Bill” Stinson desperately needs a restroom during a road trip, he finally finds one in a strange rest stop. But it takes a lot of scary and somewhat gross trials by fire to earn the privilege of going inside. Then comes the challenge of getting out alive…

Recently I learned about The Splatterpunk Awards and realized that “Rest Stop” is definitely that kind of story. With the deadline of January 16th, fast approaching, I’m asking my follower friends and family to voluntarily nominate me for the short story award. All you need to do is send a quick note to: and say that you’d like to nominate Brian James Lewis’ short story “Rest Stop” (Little Demon Digest Vol 2-March 2021) for the splatterpunk short story award. It’s super easy, fast, and I will greatly appreciate you. Thank you all for your help!

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