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Check Out This Cool Selection of Reviews From Matthew Weber of Pint Bottle Press. Being Different Is Cool!

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Whenever I read a good book from an indie press, I try to drop a review. These book reviews are long overdue, but I hope you enjoy them.

Black Heart Boys’ Choir by Curtis M. Lawson is a pitch-black story that won’t be to everyone’s taste, but it’s sharply written and rich with menacing character. A bitter teenager aims to end the world by performing a supernatural “cursed” song. The story is told with musical prose and an ambiguous plot structure that raises questions about the reliability of our psychopathic anti-hero’s first-person perspective. Despite its pervasive bleakness, the book kept my interest until the inevitable Grand Guignol conclusion foreshadowed in the prologue. Black Heart Boys’ Choir is bold enough to take risks as only indie press can in today’s overly cautious publishing climate, so give it a shot if you like your horror fiction grim and unflinching.

Wormwood, the…

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