Why hello there dear readers! It’s your old pal Skull come out of hiding to deliver some exciting news. I’ve found Rebecca Gransden’s CREEPY SHEEN! I’m currently reading this fine collection of speculative fiction and I’ve got to say, these old bones are impressed! That’s me there on the left in case there was any question. There’ll be a review coming soon, but before I go, here’s a little riddle for you:

What do babies and the end of the world have in common with those crane machines often found in arcades? Don’t you just HATE those things? I mean it looks so simple, put your cash in and perform an “easy maneuver” to win a giant Hello Kitty or whatever…But the reality is quite different than the spin, isn’t it? Anyway, hold that thought and maybe get some more change, I’ll be back with the answer SOON. Good luck!

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