James C. Harberson III
February 1, 2021
Markosia Press
reviewed by Brian James Lewis

Hello Horror Lovers! It is once again a pleasure to greet you from the Skullcave, the underground lair of Damaged Skull Reviewer. Today we’re going on a field trip to A Disgusting Supermarket of Death. Doesn’t that sound like FUN? Coming to you from Markosia Press and written by the undeniably twisted James C. Harberson III, this book is not for the faint hearted or easily offended. If that’s you, please step away from this review right now. Better yet, RUN!!!

I’m pleased that so many of you have opted to continue with the tour. A Disgusting Supermarket of Death is packed with nuts, creeps, killers, dead bodies, and a lot of horror humor. Wait…humor? But of course! Where would horror be without humor? It’s that perfect mix of comedy and tragedy that makes for the best drama and this Disgusting Supermarket of Death is practically overflowing with both. So join your old pal Skull, as we lurch our way down each aisle as the blood flows.

Getting the party started is a demented little ditty called “Extra Credit” about a prison warden who likes to make some extra cash by showing off superstar serial killer “Hodgepodge” to eager attendees of crime conventions. First, the warden sets out the bait, then he waits for the vermin to fall into his trap. Then it’s time to collect the cash and bring the selected ones to the prison for a special experience they’ll never forget. Good times! You’ll definitely want to check this out.

How about a little “Unforbidden Knowledge?” This story is about a horror movie that is garnering the most bizarre reviews ever. Noted critics and social media experts are laying waste to themselves in rather imaginative ways after watching a film called The Fecularium. When ace newspaper reporter Cotton Dellinger looks into the situation, things get even more weird, until the authorities get involved. But NYC court system is no match for The Fecularium. Courtroom pandemonium and death raises more questions than answers. Naturally, the public is rabid to see it, but the movie is banned, domestic copies destroyed. Not all the foreign copies are though and tonight there’s a special showing…

Speaking of stuff that lands square in “what the fuck?” territory, check out #meatoo. Meet Anton Mack, undertaker to the stars. This guy is used to odd requests and is doing well for himself. But the stakes and payoffs get much higher when he becomes the underfucker to the stars. You know how it is, all the Hollywoods are rich as hell and bored off their asses, so some of them decide they like doing the dirty with the dead. Call it necrophilia, call it being kinky after taking too much dope, call it whatever, as long as Anton gets paid. In case you wondered about that,THIS story is where Harberson’s book title comes from. But things can get rough in this line of work, so you better not make a mistake…or fail any tests.

So, what does Damaged Skull Reviewer think of A Disgusting Supermarket Of Death? This collection is GREAT! As in 5 STARS worth of greatness! Perfect, bite-sized stories to give you an escape from that overrated thing called reality, without keeping you up all night turning pages. It felt kind of luxurious to come back to this book daily for a dose of Harberson Horror Humor. At over 250 pages there’s a lot of enjoyment to be had from James C. Harberson III’s A Disgusting Supermarket of Death! Seriously readers, get yourself a copy of this book. You won’t regret it and it’s awesome for scaring away people that want to talk to you at the doctor’s office. Worked for me!

Thanks very much for stopping by to see your pal, Skull. Want more info? Then check out Markosia Press at: www.markosia.com and check out fellow upstate New York resident James C. Harberson III at the following links below:

Author: Jim Harberson (https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/19908137.Jim_Harberson)

Publisher: Markosia Enterprises Ltd. (https://markosia.com/2021/02/01/a-disgusting-supermarket-of-death-out-now/)

Amazon Link: https://bit.ly/ADSODAMZ

Barnes & Noble Link: https://bit.ly/ADSODBN

Author James C. Harberson III reading his previous work “Stay Alive”

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