Timothy G. Huguenin
Independent Legions Publishing
October 20, 2020
Reviewed by Brian James Lewis

Hello to all from the Skullcave once again! I’m really pleased to share news of this cool new release from author Timothy G. Huguenin and Independent Legions Publishing. Unknowing, I Sink is an eighty-page novella that’ll unsettle you in the style of Ray Bradbury and The Twilght Zone. There’s no bloody slasher careening about or screaming victims blatantly showing you what’s wrong with the picture. Huguenin’s story quietly creeps while burrowing deep into your grey matter. Let’s take a peek behind that awesome cover!

Julian is the average fifteen year old boy starting his first summer job. Most of us know that feeling, right? Got some butterflies, a bit unsure of ourselves, but retail stores or food service jobs aren’t particularly terrifying. Replace that with a creepy old Victorian mansion that appears to be uninhabited. The owner is a vastly eccentric old man that doesn’t even answer the door. Instead the guy monitors everything electronically with security cameras and remote switches, barking commands from a hidden room.

Still, Julian has dreams of buying a car and impressing the high school hottie. Work, no matter how funky will get him money. Money will get him that first car. Julian doesn’t want a rusty old family sedan, either. This kid is looking at Ferraris! So he cleans the huge old house and accepts the “no cellphones” rule laid down by the old guy. He even whips up some lunch for his new boss. So far, so good.

It’s when Julian comes face to face with his employer that things hit Weirdsville. Mr. V lives in the mansion’s library and appears to be completely unable to move. He also has a huge, white, and very disproportionate body that creeps Julian right the hell out. But he keeps his composure and the job. The money is great and soon Julian thinks he’s got it made. Tell the strange old guy what he wants to hear and clean every room in the vast mansion, get car, wow girl, and prepare to roll down easy street.

Turns out that Mr. V doesn’t just want a kid to keep stuff up around the house. Mr. V wants to mentor Julian and help him achieve a higher state of learning, stretch his limits as it were. He even puts him on a reading program consisting of books from his library. The first? Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? By science fiction legend Phillip K. Dick. While that in itself isn’t a bad thing, Julian starts to feel uncomfortable. Why is Mr. V the way he is and why doesn’t he need a keyboard or mouse to control his powerful computer system? Who keeps a roaring fire going in a closed room during summer? Still, Julien minds his own business because he wants the reward at the end of tunnel.

The longer Julian works for Mr. V, the worse he feels. At first, he thinks it might be nerves or him thinking poorly about his employer’s odd condition. But Julian is in physical pain and nerves should have settled by now. There’s a throbbing ache, dark matter within, a fishhook tugging. It’s almost like Mr. V is with him at all times, even when he’s off duty or on a date. What’s going on? In fact, the much wished for girl isn’t at all like the fantasies Julian made up in his mind. Her arrival has an unpleasant domino effect on his life instead of curing his lusty dude blues. Mind melting, unable to focus, Julian must do his best to escape what has become a nightmare. He better hurry if he’s ever going to enjoy that money Mr. V paid him!

Damaged Skull Writer & Reviewer gives Timothy G. Huguenin’s Unknowing, I Sink a hearty 5 STAR RATING! Do not underestimate the power of this novella! A true case of small but mighty, this recent release from Independent Legions will blow your doors off. There are so many details in this great story, that I read it thrice! Very relatable with a relentless storyline, Unknowing, I Sink is a great book for readers from 15 to 115. Clean language with no loss of impact is a Huguenin trademark. Makes a great gift, too!

Looking for more information? Check out Timothy G. Huguenin at for news of his many other books and upcoming releases! He’s also on Twitter @tghuguenin. Independent Legions is an excellent publisher of horror fiction and dark poetry with a wide selection of titles available, including works by Alessandro Manzetti, whose poetry I will be reviewing soon! Check them out at: Thanks for stopping by Damaged Skull Writer & Reviewer!    

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