In Darkness Delight Creatures of the Night cover

Edited by Andrew Lennon & Evans Light
Corpus Press
August 5, 2019
Reviewed by Brian James Lewis

Hello again from the Skullcave, home base of Damaged Skull Writer & Reviewer! It’s funny, but I always read speculative fiction to get my daily dose of unreality, scary situations, and creepy weird stuff. But with the current world situation being so crazy and out of control, I feel like I’m going to horror for normality! Does anybody else feel this way, or is it just me? Feel free to leave a comment below and let me know.

Today’s subject for review comes from Corpus Press, a magical place that always manages to find the most disturbing tales for their anthologies! This review is of In Darkness Delight Vol. 2 Creatures of the Night, a superb collection that horror fans are going to eat up like the sharp toothed monster on the front cover. Y’all ready? Then let’s take a walk into the darkness.

Mason Morgan kicks things off in fine style with The People In The Toilet! Jimmy has serious problem on his hands. There are monsters in his bathroom that won’t let him use the facilities. They are a dangerous lot and to make matters worse, there’s another monster in the house. Jimmy’s abusive father is an angry, hating, hurting giant who terrorizes Jimmy, his mother, and even their tiny dog. In an alcoholic rage, he forces Jimmy to confront The People In The Toilet. When Jimmy folds, big bad dad steps up to the plate and confronts the invisible threat. Who’s right? Great, well thought out story.

Let’s be honest, we all call in to work once in a while, right? Sometimes we need a mental health day or have a 24 hour virus that ends up with us going fishing. In Scales by Christopher Motz, there is definitely a legitimate reason for Michael calling in. What starts out as a pesky itch in his feet quickly turns into something a whole lot worse. Michael is in horrible pain and can barely stand up. That’s when he can stay awake at all. Time slips by at an alarming rate until he has to call his boss with the news of feeling terrible and burning up with fever. He’s not lying either! The skin of his feet and lower legs is changing into…scales? WTF? Even in his demented fever dream state, Michael can see that other residents in the shabby apartment building are turning into bloody, insane wrecks, too. Well, he isn’t going down like that! Michael has a plan to cure himself and gets to work. Can he stop the virus before it’s too late? Let’s just say that Annie Wilkes would certainly be a fan of this story because it causes so much Misery.

Eddie Generous, champion of independent writers, editor in chief of Unnerving Magazine, and publisher of high quality books, contributes his story The Newel Post to this anthology. When Samantha Tremblay buys a very unique and ancient newel post at a flea market, it turns out to be more than just a piece of wood. The plan is to jazz up the stairway of Coyote Bed and Breakfast with it, and The Newel Post is certainly an attention grabber. Its intricate carving and obvious age bring about reactions from everyone who sees it. Things become quite lively, but not necessarily in a good way. While it brings lustful urges to Samantha, others are not so lucky. The carpenter who installed the post, her guests, and even her children, all have negative experiences that seem to be brought on by the newel post. Samantha tries to gloss things over, but the dreams don’t stop and neither does the trouble. If she doesn’t hurry up and do something, Samantha will find herself in a very tight spot. Good stuff!

Speaking of weird and unexplained things that happen in one’s house, you’ll want to check out Glenn Rolfe’s story Human Touch. You’ve heard the saying “No good deed goes unpunished?” Well, in Rosie’s case, it couldn’t be more true. When she tries to save an injured creature on the side of the road, it thanks her by going into destructo mode. Soon Rosie is trapped inside her own home and no one can save her, including her police officer boyfriend. Yikes! Despite all that, it looks like Rosie might make it to freedom! But, once again, things do not go according to plan…This one is a SCREAMER!

In Darkness Delight-Vol 2-Creatures Of The Night is an awesome collection of stories that rates five out of FIVE STARS and a place on the Skullcave’s Wall Of Fame! Beside being awesome, this anthology is HUGE, including stories from: Richard Chizmar-Josh Malerman-Evans Light, Frank Oreto, and Kev Harrison, just to name a few of the great writers that await you inside 300 plus pages of delightful darkness. I highly encourage lovers of horror and the unexpected to grab a copy of this fine volume at your bookseller of choice! If you haven’t yet read In Darkness Delight-Masters of Midnight I suggest you give that a whirl. And, for all of us who can’t wait for the arrival of Halloween? Doorbells At Dusk will make you smile, possibly in a demented way. But that’s okay, we’re all friends here.

Looking for more info? Then head on over to: www.CorpusPress.com Thanks again for visiting Damaged Skull Writer & Reviewer! If you could just take a moment to hit the “Like” button and consider following my blog here on WordPress, I’d sure appreciate it. Wishing you all health, safety, and happiness!

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