Under A Raging Moon covershot

Mike Sherer
World Castle Publishing
October 7, 2019
Reviewed by Brian James Lewis


Welcome back to Damaged Skull Writer! Today’s review subject was delivered to me in a lunar appropriate fashion, seeing as how the 4th of July moon was full of crazy and looked the part. So I just had to read Mike Sherer’s novel Under A Raging Moon over the weekend! If you’re looking for a wild, fast-paced read, that’s jam-packed with action, lots of blood, and liberally spiced with sex, grab yourself a copy of this book, pronto. Let’s check it out!

Down on her luck mom, Vivian, is driving her son Kody home from a failed sleepover during a nearly blinding supermoon. They are having the usual mom vs teenager arguments and fusses, when she nearly runs over a jogger. Not real unusual and she doesn’t expect to see the guy again. But someone runs him over in front of her house and she has to call an ambulance. That seemingly helpful act, results in Vivian and Kody’s world being turned upside down.

Most folks would be happy about a police officer arriving on scene and initially, Vivian is. That relief dies quickly when the cop attempts to put the jogger out of his misery by shooting him in the head. What the hell? Then the nearly dead jogger kills the police officer barehanded! Hand rarely beats gun in the real world, but somehow, this guy does it. After some frantic activities, Vivian and her son appear to be safe. Not only that, but her boyfriend Newman arrives to protect her. He’s a quiet, flabby, middle aged dude, but he always carries a gun on his person. So next time anybody gets out of line, “Man” will take care of them.

While that logic sounds good, it doesn’t actually work. Before long, things going so incredibly awry that Vivian can’t even comprehend it. She and Kody are on the run from demons with superpowers and nowhere seems safe. Not the all-night convenience store, not the pharmacy, and certainly not the people who have sworn to “serve and protect!” Under A Raging Moon everything is different. Not only that, but someone who calls himself her guardian angel has taken possession of Kody’s body. Vivian is horrified but keeps following orders because she wants to stay alive and save her children if possible. That’s right, children. Vivian is pregnant with Man’s child, or so she thinks. But she doesn’t have time to dwell on that, because the most important thing is to stay alive until the sun comes up. Can Vivian and Kody survive the night? Who is this individual in her son’s body? Will every supermoon be like this?

To find out the answers to those questions, you’ll need to grab yourself a copy of Under A Raging Moon by Mike Sherer! Damaged Skull Writer and Reviewer rates this hard-hitting novel a very respectable 4 STARS! If you want action, GET THIS BOOK. It’s just that easy. Sherer offers a solid portrayal of the real America as the backdrop for his novella. Beat up houses, crappy apartments, no money, and folks who’ve chosen to arm themselves for protection rather than wait for the police to respond. And the reminder that love heals all.

Mike Sherer has written many other books, including A Cold Dish published by James Ward Kirk publishing, a screenplay “Hamal 18’ available on DVD, and is currently seeking representation for future titles “Shadytown” and “Souls Of Nod.” Want to get in touch with Mike or learn more about his previous work? Then catch up with him on Twitter@mikewsherer , or: You can Email him at: Thanks for stopping by Damaged Skull Writer and Reviewer and keep an eye out for supermoons!

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