DBH 3 cover shot

Double Barrel Horror Vol. 3
Edited by Matthew Weber
Pint Bottle Press
March 31, 2020
Reviewed by Brian James Lewis

Howdy Horror Fans! I bet you’re looking for something really kickass to read right about now. You’ve watched movies, maybe read a novel or two, but now you want quick excitement that you don’t have to wait for. Well friends, the fine folks at Pint Bottle Press heard your cries of distress and have brought forth what you need! Double Barrel Horror Vol. 3 is jam packed with scary goodness and coming at you like the force of nature that it is! We’re talking 6 great authors menacing you with two stories each for a grand total of 12 Double Barrel Blasts to the Brain!  Roll call: Christine Morgan, Mark Matthews, Glenn Rolfe, Theresa Braun, Calvin Demmer, and Robert Essig. If you’re ready for a preview of all the greatness that awaits, let’s GO!

Christine Morgan chills us with Eye See You, a story that makes us wonder if Disneyland really is the happiest place on earth and what is it about a Magic 8-Ball that turns a party into a swirling hell of hurt and bad blood?

Robert Essig comes on strong with two heavy hitters, but the one that really blew my mind is Fuel For The King of Death! Scottie deals with a cheating girlfriend by going to a unique museum and by the next day he’s a completely different man! New life, horror, and the sweet taste of revenge. Yowza!

Let’s head to the carnival with Mark Matthews! On the outside, those places look like so much fun. There are rides, treats, and the chance to win a prize at one of the many games. But a closer look exposes dark things that prey on the young, taking something precious in hopes of creating a Wicked Smart Carnie. “Step right up! Or maybe “Run for your life!”

Theresa Braun brings her unique style of horror and mythology to the party with her tale Homecoming which features a Scottish castle and a shapeshifting woman named Melanie. She’s a beautiful opera star, but also something else that needs to be “home.” Her boyfriend of many years thinks they’re going on a romantic vacation to Scotland to rekindle the fire, but Melanie has other plans. As things get increasingly weird, the boyfriend zips them back home for safety’s sake. Did he make a wise choice? May-be!

My favorite two stories in Double Barrel Horror Vol. 3 are by Calvin Demmer. Highway Hunger has this great realistic feeling that makes it all the more scary when things fall apart. Dudley is stuck on community service for drunk driving. His job? Scraping dead animals off the road. That’s bad enough, but it gets even worse when the “Road Demon” makes the scene. Some things might not make any practical sense, but that doesn’t mean they can’t destroy you. Motel Madness puts Tallulah in a room that constantly changes. Door handles disappear, corpses enter without knocking, and she gets a special visit from the manager. White pills and wine can make for one very hot time.

Glenn Rolfe closes down the show with two powerful pieces The Guide, which is a home run all the way, and The House On Mayflower Street. Every neighborhood has a haunted house with a creepy owner, but this one takes the cake. When Davis and Bethany break into The House On Mayflower Street, they get a lot more than they bargained for. Their attackers may be tiny, but “Alice” plays hardball and he doesn’t EVER lose!

The Double Barrel Horror series from Pint Bottle Press are all great, but volume 3 ratchets things up a few notches. This is truly a FIVE STAR reading experience! Perfect length on the stories, top notch authors, and some seriously badass cover art by Brian Burks! Editor Matthew Weber has done it again, but even BETTER! Don’t sit around with the shut-in blues. Order yourself a copy of Double Barrel Horror Volume 3 TODAY! Just go to for more information or hit up your favorite bookstore. You’ll be glad you did!

Thanks for visiting Damaged Skull Writer! We look forward to seeing you soon. Until then, “Keep Your Knives Sharp and Hide In The Dark.” Or maybe just read more books!


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