Peddlers Bargain cover shot

John W. Dennehy
Macabre Tales Publishing
December 17, 2016
reviewed by Brian James Lewis

Hello readers! It’s been a long time, but Damaged Skull Writer is on the mend. Things might be a bit wobbly at first, but like a newborn demon on a tricycle, I’ll be setting things on fire in no time! For my first review back, I thought a novella would be just the right size. So I chose Peddler’s Bargain by one of my favorite writers, John W. Dennehy.

Brad is a handsome devil that the ladies find attractive. He’s also a well-known attorney who’s known for winning cases and earning six figure salaries. Hmm…are we sure that this is a horror story? Upon taking a closer look, the answer is yes. Times are hard for Brad. He’s currently unemployed and his marriage is dangerously close to going down the toilet. True, many people have faced these issues and won, but this isn’t Brad’s first trip down the road of regret. In fact, it appears that he’s a regular. There’s also something or someone chasing him and there’s the feeling that its intentions aren’t good.

While Brad is killing time before an interview that might just save his ass, a man joins him at his table. The very unique looking fellow makes Brad what sounds like a very generous offer. He’s willing to help Brad out with his worst problem in exchange for some sort of payment. The only downside is that the payment type won’t be revealed until Brad’s request is granted. Despite his misgivings and the appearance of a ghastly specter, Brad decides to take the Peddler’s Bargain. Hell, things couldn’t get much worse, right?

Dennehy does a good job at having us think that Brad might turn out a winner. The peddler does fulfill the request, but the cost is extreme and shocking. Once Brad is on the subway train from Hell, the rocket boosters kick in, making you scream as the grisly finale unfolds. You want to look away, but you can’t. Those bugs! The Hatchet! Blood and bone! Good luck having “sweet dreams” after reading this nightmare causer. I’m still creeped out!

“So what’s the verdict?” You ask. This juror rates John W. Dennehy’s Peddler’s Bargain FIVE STARS! I honestly did not sleep much the night I read this cool novella from Macabre Tales Publishing and I don’t think you will either. But that’s exactly why you should pick up a copy today! From Clockwork Universe to Pacific Rising, Dennehy’s work shows us that we are who we make ourselves and regardless of environment, our choices are our own. Peddler’s Bargain is a great little book that can be purchased from your favorite bookseller, my copy arrived quickly from Amazon.com. For more information about this excellent writer, go to his website http://johnwdennehy.com

Thanks for checking out Damaged Skull Writer and reading this review. Stay tuned for more fun to come in 2020! A new decade with more dedication to writing and reviewing. Happy New Year Everyone!   

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