Channing Whitaker’s New Black Band Short “The Peddler” Shows Us A New Way To See The World And That Disabled Doesn’t Mean Powerless!

the peddler covershot


The Peddler
Channing Whitaker
Off Speed Press
October 22, 2018
Reviewed by Brian James Lewis

When the proprietor of a leather crafting shop is harassed by some creepy goons, a gunslinger from the Wild West comes to his aid. When a victim of domestic abuse needs someone to save her, a Sikh Warrior just happens to appear in her apartment. An Internal Affairs investigator is saved by a powerful lioness in the middle of the city. What’s going on here?

Time for another one of Channing Whitaker’s excellent Black Band Shorts! These scenes come from his latest story The Peddler! This novelette is a well done combination of magical horror set in a present day city that could use a little help. Make that a lot of help! With its highly corrupt police force playing both sides of the field, men treating women badly, discrimination, and small businesses fighting to keep their doors open-This place needs a hero with big muscles, superpowers, and a snazzy costume!

How about a wheelchair bound homeless man instead? He’s blind and spends the majority of his time carving wooden figures that he displays on a crude table at the park. They might be for sale, or they might not. It depends on what The Peddler thinks of you. How about them apples? Much better than a super hero right? Right?

Before you say no, I will give you a hint: This old man in the falling apart wheelchair is much more than his appearance reveals. He also occupies the only green space in the city-A park that takes up roughly four blocks. In comparison to all the noise, concrete, and dirt the park is a sanctuary of sorts. But it can become a terrifying trap at night for the wrong sort of people.

Uniforms, no matter what kind, can be deceiving! You might assume certain people in police uniforms are good because they’re supposed to be. One might also think that a crippled man is powerless and someone to feel sorry for. But The Peddler by Channing Whitaker is going to teach you a different way of looking at things. This 5 Star read feels much bigger than its physical size. Great characters, believable location, and a super solid story line!

Get a copy of The Peddler from your favorite book retailer, today! When you look it up, also consider checking out previous Black Band Shorts The Remnant-A horror thriller, and Existence Augmented-An interesting Science Fiction tale that challenges the concept of reality. Want to know what this author is up to next? Follow him at

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