Ready For A Science Fiction Thriller That Addresses The Issues Of Gender Inequality? Then You’re Going To Love “OF SOUND MIND AND SOMEONE ELSE’S BODY” By William Quincy Belle!

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Of Sound Mind and Someone Else’s Body
William Quincy Belle
BG Ltd.
September 22, 2016
Reviewed by Brian James Lewis

I can’t think of a better way to start this year than by reviewing a book that straddles a number of genres and does it with grace and style. William Quincy Belle’s novel Of Sound Mind and Someone Else’s Body is an amazing combination of Science fiction, medical suspense, humor, and even romance. Belle also spotlights the need for gender equality by pointing out that it is still a “man’s world” in too many ways. Let’s take a look inside!

Of Sound Mind and Someone Else’s Body opens in a very dynamic fashion. Rising financial whiz Alan Maitland hits the hay anticipating a crucial corporate deal and how that will lead to his success. But instead of sweet dreams, he’s rudely awakened into a nightmarish situation. Alan has become a woman in all the physical ways, but still has his regular man’s brain. What the hell is going on here? He’s not even in his own bed! In fact, he’s quite busy next to one. Yikes! What to do?

Fortunately Alan is a cool minded pragmatist, so his brain works even under pressure. He remembers that on the previous day he went to participate in a scientific research experiment. Hmm…Could there possibly be a connection there? Maybe there was a mistake and his brain was switched into the body of the beautiful woman he seems to be inhabiting? One Miss Hana Toussaint? Only one way to find out. He needs to track down his own body and see who’s inside of it. What if it’s also him? What if…

What if he gets his ass in gear? That has to be better than just worrying right? Well, yes and no. Alan discovers quite quickly how difficult it is to be a woman, especially a sexually attractive one. Guys don’t talk to his face and many have one track minds that aren’t interested in giving him directions back to his condo. Then there’s the whole challenge of walking in stiletto heels. You can’t pull the old manly lumberjack stride thing with these babies on! Unless you want to break an ankle or your neck, that is.

He finally makes it back home, only to find out that the worst is true. There’s a woman in his body and get this-she thinks the whole experience is a fun adventure. FUN? Hoo boy, this is getting more complicated by the minute! Both of them are at critical junctions in their lives, too. How is that going to work out? In today’s fast-paced world, no matter if you are a high priced escort or corporate numbers cruncher, it is frowned upon if you call in sick. Plus Alan and Hana really would like to get back into their own bodies ASAP.

So all they need to do is go back to the doctor’s office and get the person who made the mistake to fix it. Simple, right? Not exactly. When they get there, the person who did the procedure is missing and no one believes them. Soon they’re on a wild goose chase after a doctor who’s hard to track down. Did I mention that his lab has very erratic hours? Will Alan and Hana ever be able to return to their physical selves? How about their respective jobs? Things are not looking good. Will Alan learn to love being a woman? What if Hana runs off with someone else in his body? Man oh man! This is one book you will want to read because it is packed with suspense to the very end!

Of Sound Mind and Someone Else’s Body gets a 5 star rating from this reviewer! William Quincy Belle has done an excellent job tackling a lot of important issues while keeping the story moving and using humor to keep things light. Having his characters switch genders makes it easier to get the point, too. Why is being a financial whiz looked on much more favorably than being a highly intelligent sex worker who makes people happy in a safe environment? Why do humans ruin everything by applying so many rules and conditions? It’s not much of a mystery why people are so stressed out these days. Everyone makes so many assumptions that we often miss out on cool people and experiences. Read this book and see if you don’t feel better! Tell them Dr. Blackmore sent you.

William Quincy Belle is the author of multiple books. Including Death is a Many Splendored Thing, Salmagundi, and his newest release Metro Float New York a post-apocalyptic thriller! You can follow William and purchase his books on or check him out at  You’ll be glad that you did!

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