New Year-New Typewriter!

New Year's Royal Typewriter

Okay, maybe what I should say is, “New Year and Old Typewriter!” Either way, I’m grateful for a friend who thought of me when he came across this awesome vintage Royal at a barn sale. Not only did he nab the typewriter, but the textbooks with it! One of which has exercises written in pencil dated February 15, 1932. The machine itself is in pretty nice condition after being kept safe under a plastic cover. The paint is groovy olive green color and everything moves without much effort. Quite a different story from the Rod Serling Royal KMM I restored a few years back, which was totally frozen and required significant work.

After some cleaning, oiling, and a fresh ribbon-this might just become my new favorite! Although I will never put my Remington Quiet-Riter away. I may be disabled, but there is something magical about typewriters that helps me go where I want to be. Big Thanks to Dan Foster for giving me a gift that will last forever. Happy New Year to ALL! Time to start writing.

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