Welcome to ‘Jubilee’!

I saw a little peek of this frightening book and I think it’s going to be a home run! Oh, and if you smell peppermint? BEWARE!

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The new novel Jubileeby Vic Kerry is available now from Pint Bottle Press!

Jubilee coverBirmingham, Al, 9/12/18 — There’s a killer on the prowl in rural Alabama where secrets are buried deeper than the bodies. Vic Kerry’s latest novel Jubilee, out now from Pint Bottle Press, blends wry Southern charm with suspense and intrigue wrapped in a plot full of candy-cane twists.

Synopsis: In a small Southern town, a father desperate to find his prodigal daughter meets three cash-strapped old maids with something to hide, and a mysterious man driven by an insatiable lust to kill. Welcome to Jubilee, Alabama, where death comes to stay for a spell.

“A thriller that simmers to a satisfying, explosive boil!”

– Russell James, author of The Playing Card Killer.

Jubilee is the kind of story that grabs the readers and shakes them like a rabid dog. Kerry does an excellent…

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