Guest Post: Sara Tantlinger

Check out this great profile of Sara Tantlinger and her feelings on the conventional old school direction to “Write what you know.” Review of Love for Slaughter coming soon on this site!

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Dark poet and the enigmatic author behind Love For Slaughter, Sara Tantlinger, is my latest guest with her eye-opening essay on the age-old advice of writing what we know. Sara touches on key points of expanding our horizons, embracing diversity, and emphasizes the importance of learning and challenging ourselves by writing what we, in fact, don’t know.

Love For Slaughter is a blood diamond amongst poetry collections. Sara’s talent is undeniable and the sheer force of her verses devastates.

Over to you, Sara.

Writing What You Don’t Know
By Sara Tantlinger

“Write what you know” is a phrase that has been following me since I started studying creative writing during my undergraduate years. This phrase would be echoed to death while I pursued my MFA, and don’t get me wrong, it’s great advice, but it’s also the mostobvious advice you could give someone. Of course we have to…

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