WHITE DEATH by Christine Morgan – Review

Here’s a cool review from Pint Bottle Press of the well researched historical horror novel WHITE DEATH by Christine Morgan on Bloodshot Books

Pint Bottle Press Blog

I recently finished Cormac McCarty’s Blood Meridian and was in the mood for something a little more accessible. (As much as I marvel at McCarthy’s style, it takes effort for me to digest). A novel about monsters sounded like it’d hit the spot, and my interest had recently been piqued by word of the new title White Death, which boasted a cool looking cover that featured a gnarly sabre-tooth creature roaring from the darkness. I’d never read anything by Christine Morgan, but I’d seen the author’s name pop up in indie writing circles. I heard she was mailing out signed paperbacks for a very reasonable sum, so I bought one on impulse.

I’m glad I did.

Here’s the plot synopsis from Amazon:

white death coverJanuary 12, 1888

When a day dawns warm and mild in the middle of a long cold winter, it’s greeted as a blessing, a reprieve. A chance…

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