Looking For Just One More Way To Celebrate National Poetry Month? TRAJECTORY JOURNAL Has Got It Covered!

Trajectory 16

Trajectory Journal wants to wish everyone a most happy National Poetry Month! Issue 16 came out this April and contains a powerful hybrid full of Poems by Mark Kinnaird, William Greenway, and Denise Thompson-Slaughter among others. There is also short fiction by yours truly, nonfiction by Michael Kroll, book reviews, and great photography by the legendary t. kilgore splake. That’s just scratching the surface-but I’m busy as heck with yucky real world stuff, so I got to roll!

In the meantime, follow your soul to http://www.trajectoryjournal.com ! You can dig the Editor’s Picks section for free and purchase a single paperback (really nice paperback w/ enclosed binding and glossy cover) through PayPal for $12 or perhaps subscribe. If you’ve got a brain, you’ll really dig this stuff!

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