Valentine’s Day Is Fast Approaching Better Grab That Copy Hardened Hearts on Amazon NOW!

Customer Review

on January 28, 2018
Hardened Hearts is an awesome mix of styles from 17 different writers, including publisher Eddie Generous, Calvin Demmer, and John Boden. This collection features just about any kind of love you can imagine, including quite a few you might not have. How about a woman who loves a giant spider, or perhaps a tongue-tied office worker who unleashes a beast? One of the most exotic stories in the collection is Theresa Braun’s “Heirloom” in which a highly polished professional woman inherits an antique mirror from her mother. To say much more would be to spoil and I don’t do that, so let’s just say that the mirror is a lot more than just a lovely wall hanger. For a trade paperback, the price is excellent for all the talent you’re getting. Valentine’s Day is coming and Hardened Hearts is the perfect gift if your honey digs Horror Fiction! Sure, get them some dark chocolate or edible underwear-BUT, also buy them something that they can read while they’re recovering from the love fest. HARDENED HEARTS Also available on Kindle

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