Widow’s Point By Richard and Billy Chizmar TBR February 28th! Check Out This non-spoiler preview!

Widow's Point cover shot

Widow’s Point
Richard & Billy Chizmar
Cemetery Dance Publications
TBR February 28, 2018
Reviewed by Brian James Lewis

When you are invited to review a book that’s already been reviewed by the likes of Stephen King, Peter Straub, and Kealan Patrick Burke, it gives you pause. Obviously if these people like the book and have given it the stamp of approval, what am I doing here? Is there really anything I can add to their expert opinions? The answer is yes. What I’m adding is the “person on the street” review for everyone who waits on tables or fixes cars for a living and wants to know if this book is worth their hard earned cash. Regular Joes and Janes, this review is for YOU! Ready to read? Okay! Buckle up and let’s roll.

If you don’t make time this year to read Widow’s Point by Richard and Billy Chizmar this year, you are doing yourself a severe disservice. Yep, this book is really that good! Anyone who digs speculative fiction is going to love this book. As will anyone who enjoys a story well told. Widow’s Point is perfectly paced and the tension just keeps building until you are as frightened as the narrator is. For the writer-readers among us, we all know how difficult that is to do. But the Chizmars make it happen and man, are we glad they did! I was hooked by the end of the first page and unable to stop reading until the horrible end, which isn’t an absolute final conclusion. Widow’s Point ends in a way that leaves room for continuation of adventures and mishaps should the authors wish it. Especially given the elasticity of time that seems to exist in the dark world of the Widow’s Point Lighthouse.

The story begins at 6:09 p.m. on Friday July 11, 2017 in the small town of Harper’s Cove, located on the northernmost point of Nova Scotia-Where supernatural nonfiction writer Thomas Livingston has arranged to have Mr. Ronald Parker, the current owner of the Widow’s Point Lighthouse, open its door after 30 years. Then Livingston is locked inside the spooky old joint with just the bare necessities until 8 a.m. Monday morning. Besides the essentials, he also brings a video camera, audio recorder, pens, and notebooks to document his stay. Livingston’s plan is to write another bestseller by combining his experience at the lighthouse with its murky history. He is also hoping to edit his footage of Widow’s Point into a movie. But the video feed on the camera stops working the minute he crosses the threshold of the lighthouse, turning him into a narrator instead.

Something is very wrong with the Widow’s Point Lighthouse. The locals say that it is cursed, haunted, and contains dangerously dark powers that are not human. History shows that the problems started right from the day its construction started, until 1988 when it was shuttered forever and surrounded by a tall security fence for the safety of the village. Not only is the Widow’s Point lighthouse a beacon of evil, but the grounds surrounding it are contaminated too. At least two dozen deaths, disappearances, and grisly murders have happened there. Everything from movie stars committing suicide, to satanic rituals and the disappearance of two little girls. We’re talking major bad mojo, folks!  Initially, Livingston feels himself immune to the forces within the lighthouse and spends his first night in a rather celebratory mood, but it doesn’t take long for it to get under his skin. First, it’s just little things. His flashlight goes missing, his food and water go stale and he finds a terrifying journal written by Delaney Collins about all the activities before her murder. By then, the lighthouse gets to work on Livingston and before long, his sanity is crumbling. Since he can’t get away or run for help, Livingston becomes overwhelmed. In desperation, he tries to escape. But there is no way out for him.

A friend of mine asked if I liked Widow’s Point. Do kids like chocolate milk? Do old men like smoking evil smelling cigars? Do dogs like fire hydrants? Hell yeah! I love this seriously boss book! It is very modern, yet ancient and all the pieces fit together flawlessly. Without reservation, I encourage you to buy a copy of Widow’s Point! This is a book you will probably read once a year for the rest of your life. It offers that perfect combination of homey comfort and chilling thrills. Soon to be released on February 28th, so get ready to hit your favorite bookseller or pre-order a copy of Widow’s Point. It’ll be one of the best choices you make this year!

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