Jordan Anderson’s “The Things That Grow With Us” is Today’s Thursday Throwback Thriller!

Things that grow w us cover shot

Happy Holidays Everyone! I wanted to feature this awesome book that I reviewed about a year ago for a couple reasons. Number one is that it is a fantastic read for lovers of deep horror with Lovecraftian detail and darkness. The other reason is that Jordan is getting ready to release a new collection very soon and it is going to be great! The details are TBA but get ready and know that you will want to get your hands on it!

Meanwhile, get warmed up and ready by snagging a copy of The Things That Grow With Us. You will see a powerful shape shifter emerge into a crowd of bullies, a miserable man find love again on a very special night, and evil creatures do a good deed for a girl who has no other options. You’ll also enjoy The Further We Soar Into Madness a tale of a man who will stop at nothing to make contact with the ancient ones deep in outer space. Overall, we’re talking about a book that is well worth the price of admission! It’s only $7.99 on Amazon for 184 pages of awesome!

Remember, as independent writers, artists, and musicians, it’s up to us to support the same so we can all keep rolling. The greatest holiday gifts are the unique ones! Or if you are lucky enough to get an Amazon gift card, consider purchasing this fine book. Let’s make 2018 a great year!

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