Thursday Throwback Thriller-When The Watcher Shakes!


Now this book is certainly not an old classic, but it is an important milestone for many reasons. “Watcher” was one of my first professional book reviews done for a big company. Being on the Hellnotes writer roster was a big step up for me. “When The Watcher Shakes” was Timothy G. Huguenin’s debut novel and I have yet to see a more professional looking self-published book. It just blew me away!

Still does, because the story of “Watcher” is very appropriate for the times we’re having in America. It tells the story of a very intrinsic group of people living by rules laid down by a dictator who pretends that there is a democratic committee handling things. Things do not turn out well when a stranger comes to town with ideas of freedom and equality for all. He “ruins” the dictatorship by empowering the people but pays a very high cost for his efforts. If you haven’t had a chance to read ‘When The Watcher Shakes” I heartily encourage you to do so!

I’d also like to mention that Timothy G. Huguenin is currently looking for a publisher for his upcoming third novel at this time. If anybody is interested or has any suggestions, please give us a shout! You can click on Timothy’s page from my site here and I’m pretty sure he will comment on this when I share it on Twitter as well! His books are available on Amazon and his work has appeared in many mags. He’s very friendly and is able to achieve great story telling with very little profanity which makes him a great choice for a publisher looking for a writer with wide appeal.

As the saying goes, “every little bit helps” and I know all of us in the speculative writing community are a warm-hearted bunch. If he succeeds, we all do!

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