Worship Me Review On Amazon

Worship Me cover shot

Customer Review

on October 19, 2017
I know that comparisons are odious, however for readers who want something to compare this book to, think some of the really good Stephen King books and you’ll be right on target! “Worship Me” is going to knock your socks off your feet and into another room! You’ll find yourself feeling very invested in the characters like recently single mom, Angela, who just wants to save her son. Rick-is he really a harbinger of a new God or evil incarnate? Why can’t Don save his flock? This book moves very fast and takes the reader for a ride through terror and reality, which is what really good horror writing does. Nothing is flat, every scene and every character is 3-D. It is amazing how “upstanding church folk” act when put into crisis mode and how easily they switch sides when it benefits them. The compound ending to the story is amazing and you won’t see it coming. Brilliant! As someone who reads over a hundred books a year, I heartily recommend you buy “Worship Me” today!

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