GO CHUCK BERRY! a poem in celebration of a Rock and Roll legend

GO CHUCK BERRY!  3/18/17-Poem by Brian James Lewis          damagedskullwriterandreviewer.com

Duck walking in a white suit
making that guitar do what he meant
Rhythm pumping like the pistons
in a V-8 motor going full tilt

Maybe showing us that
white men couldn’t play shit
or maybe not. Chuck was
a lean, black, question mark

His cruelly handsome face could
smile or give a tight lipped smirk
not to mention that sneer or
those expressive rolling eyes

That liked to wink at us
or run up and down the thighs
of a hot blonde in a too-tight skirt
because our brown eyed handsome man

Had an appetite for the flesh
no different from any other musician
He just got caught at it while Elvis
and Jerry Lee could sneak by

Don’t waste time asking why he
had to hide in the Chess basement
At least he wasn’t a lie or fake
with people to run damage control

Chuck Berry was real Rock n Roll
blazing a trail for many to follow
Love him or hate him but know
he wasn’t there to take your shit

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