Prologue to an unfinished work

Sounds like another story in the works for famed writer, Timothy G. Huguenin! I like it, AND your label as a writer of Speculative fiction. It certainly saves you from being boxed in. This reads very well and makes the reader want to know more! I think that with things like Steampunk getting married up with Science Fiction that this story is ripe for development!

Timothy G. Huguenin

I don’t know what will happen with this. I had been working on an idea for a novel set at the Moundsville prison, but this opening scene for a totally different story came to me the other day. I’m still keeping the prison novel in mind, but I think while this other idea has captured me I might follow it through and see where it leads. This is not part of my upcoming book, Little One, which I am currently finishing up and plan to publish in the summer. Soon I will share more of that. Until then, here’s the opening of—of what? A novella? Novel? I’m sure it will be longer than a short story. I don’t know where it will go and when it will end. Time will tell—or will it, if the watch is broken?

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